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your face
October is the best month. Beautiful weather and Halloween at the end!

Even before the calendar turned, we've been getting a jump on enjoying fall. Last weekend, we went apple-picking -- it rained on us, but it was all the more memorable for it. We were riding on a tram, taking a tour of the orchard, getting soaked and freezing. Luckily, by now I'm Miss Prepared-for-the-weather, so I had two shirts and a hoodie, but our buddy Dave was miserable in a tee shirt. We ran through the "restricted" antique apple section, munching only slightly more than our allotted amount of apples and trying not to stumble in the mud. Almost as if by design, shortly after the tour was over, the weather cleared up and it has been beautiful ever since. After the orchard, we ate dinner at a surprisingly nice steakhouse in Nebraska City (where Josh was beside himself at the inexpensive variety of Scotches). The next day, we met Dave to watch football at Old Chicago and then played Laser Tag and went over to my parents' for the season premiere of Dexter.

Did I mention that we're having beautiful weather? Every day this week I've walked to work, and when I go, I wear a jacket, but on the way home, I wear a tank-top. Ahhhh, fall :) Every day when I go outside for lunch, it’s a struggle to make myself come back inside. And it’s not just that it’s beautiful out, but also that I realize that a month or so from now, just thinking about wearing a tank top outside is going to give me chills.

Next up on the fall frenzy: riding my bike out to Eagle tomorrow for snacks and beer. Sunday we’re picking pumpkins at Vala’s. We’re basically going to be busy little bees for the rest of the month, and it all ends with a flourish: going to Vegas for a friend’s wedding over Halloween. October is the best.

Okay, I just spent the last 2 and a half hours watching Avatar (which was exactly as good as I anticipated it would be), so I’d better get my booty to bed so I’m fit to ride in the morning.
  • We're getting similar weather in Kansas. Fall is one of the only times the Midwest has really consistently good weather. Every other season is kind of a toss-up.

    I realize this is going to sound weird coming from another vegan, since this is usually the sort of question an omni would ask, but what in the world did you find to eat at the steakhouse? Adam and I avoid them when we go out because the last time I went to one I got stuck eating iceberg "salad" with a few very sad tomato slices and some oil and vinegar.
    • I feel awkward for waiting 3 weeks to reply, but in case you get notifications, I'll give it a shot:
      The steakhouse was nice because it actually had two food options that didn't require self-veganization. There was a pasta dish, linguini with house-made chunky marinara, and a nice salad, which was what I got: spinach with strawberries, mushrooms, onions, and some kind of carmelized almonds.
      Obviously, I was pretty impressed, because I remember all this from a month ago. There aren't very many vegan-friendly restaurants in Nebraska, especially in the smaller towns. I make a big deal out of being flexible and not fussy, so I fully expected to walk in and get an iceberg "salad"--or worse, a basket of fried "vegetables"-- and then have to pretend like that was all fine and dandy...which is why I was so pleased that there were other options.
  • It sounds like you're having a really good start to the fall! I am desperate to go pumpkin picking sometime soon- I just need to find a place to go around here!

    I am envious that you are able to walk to work! I've always wanted to live somewhere that I could walk or ride my bike from home to work.
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