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Poor time management. As usual.

Sweet, sweet brain death

your face

Poor time management. As usual.

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your face
I got off work early today. But since then all I've managed to do is buy a halloween costume and some pants at Goodwill and tool around on the internet. Disappointing.

Tomorrow we're hosting a Halloween party for our meetup friends (yes, we still have meetups - we continue to meet awesome people through meetup!). I haven't planned anything, but I think it'll be fun anyway. The only real issue is that, because of some stupidity on my part majorly indulging at the Roller Derby Regionals earlier this month, we are very literally broke. I am going to go buy some soda and liquor (and maybe cookies) here in a few minutes and I'm going to have to use my credit card for the first time in several months. Fail. I should also think of some "games" to play. But last year we went to a lot of trouble to plan Halloween games and I'm pretty sure everyone thought they were lame. Everyone would rather just hang out and drink beer. And we certainly have plenty of that! (Beer...Actually, I guess we have plenty "hanging out," too, whatever that means.)

However. Maybe I should take it easy on the beer. See, the trouble with getting older is...

Everything. But this week, specifically, it's that I can't handle my liquour like I could when I was 15. ...Did I say that? I meant 21, of course. But seriously, as stupid as I have gotten lately, you'd think I was a college freshman. We won't even talk about the two times this year that I got absolutely plowed after giving blood (so stupid...and doubly so that I didn't learn my lesson the first time!). But even forgetting that, I've had an alarming number of instances lately where I let myself get way past tipsy, way too fast. And for the first time, I lost a whole chunk of my night. Scary. And I know it's because I'm just not as resilient as I used to be. Also scary. So maybe I better go easy on the zombies and cheap beer. I really don't want to be that guy.

In other news, work is still awesome. This week, we sent off "my" regulations for public comment. And I got to do two settlement meetings. And I got to go on a work trip to EPA region 7 in Kansas City. The trip was great; I got in some good networking and probably a little too much bonding with my co-workers (see: stupid drunk, above). Plus, Chandra, my friend who lives in KC, came out for a drink. Super double bonus! Next week, I need to get a lot done, though. I've put a lot on hold to get these regs pushed out the door and there are a lot of cases still sitting on my desk from months ago that are all done, but that I just haven't had time to finish up. Not to mention a couple of those sorts of projects that are always getting shoved to the bottom of the pile. And I'm even more on a deadline because I'm out of the office the end of next week to go to Vegas for Casey & Caitlin's wedding. I am so pumped! The theme is "vintage (50's) zombie", so I'm thinking fake blood and pincurls, but Josh is thinking more 1850's, and he's going to go for an "Abe Lincoln, Post-Ford's Theatre" look. Yes, we know that wasn't in the 1850's, but victory rolls aren't exactly 1950s, either, but I'm still going to rock them. Cut us some slack.
  • Yet another reason to move back; the meetup options here suck.

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