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your face
I wasn't able to watch the Husker game last night, but I think I saved myself a few panic attacks: the Huskers had an incredible come-from-behind win over Ohio State after being down 20 to 6 at halftime! Apparently, it was the biggest comeback in school history, and people all over Nebraska are still celebrating.

In pro ball, my Patriots play the evil Jets today. I probably won't be able to watch that either, but I'll be wearing my Wes Welker jersey. Also, my fantasy football team is pitted against my friend Lizzy's -- she's currently in first place with the most wins, but I have the most points in the league, so I really want to beat her!

Other than that, I'm still taking care of Sarah. I have tomorrow off for "Columbus Day," which is good, because she's still feeling rough. We might try to venture down to the farmer's market soon, depending on if she feels up to it. There's a girl there named Alejandra who makes incredible vegan, gluten free cupcakes :)
  • One of my good friends from grad school is a Husker and she is still posting on Facebook about that game.

  • What a great resource!

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