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Something inane, i am sure

similarities between the president and my cats

Sweet, sweet brain death

your face

similarities between the president and my cats

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your face
I was thinking about something this morning:

When my cats are good, I give them treats so they know I appreciate their behaviour. When the president is good, I give money to his reelection campaign so he knows I appreciate his behaviour.

Like my cats, the president has so lowered my expections that even the slightest step in the right direction consitutes "good behaviour" deserving a reward. Yesterday, the president announced that he (personally) thinks same-sex couples should be allowed equal access to all the rights and privileges of marriage. Even though he has been waffling on this point 16 YEARS after unequivocally supporting marriage equality during his initial state senate run, I was so proud and thrilled to have a president that publicly supports equal rights that I couldn't wait to throw money at him to show that he had been a "good boy." Similarly, this morning I was so elated that BOTH CATS pooped IN the cat box instead of behind it (for once), that I fell all over myself in my rush to pet them, coo, and shower them with treats.

It takes so little to please me. I have been well-trained.
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