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September 8th, 2010

Good weekend, bad week

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I had a nice labor day weekend. It was the first Husker game, so after work on Friday, I went to the famed Sidetrack Tavern with my coworker Steve. It was nuts...and the attorney general was there, so that was really weird.

The next day, Josh, my friend Jen, and I went to the Omaha zoo. They have a new Madagascar exhibit, and the introductory video made me cry. Being such a crazy animal person, I have mixed feeling about zoos, but I can't deny the good work that the Omaha zoo has done in Madagascar. It was a really beautiful day to walk around the zoo and we rode the next "skyfari" which is like a ski lift over the zoo. It was cool but way scarier than a real ski lift.

After that, Josh and I went to the game. Perfect football weather! And it was the season opener, so we were playing Western Kentucky --- so we won 49 to 10. Wewt. And I had a pretzel. The only downside is that my dad's truck got towed, so I walked home in the dark to get my car. I live pretty close, but got to enjoy some post-game honking and hooting as I hauled butt home.

The next day, Josh, Jen, and I went to a labor day picnic with some other friends. I made asian coleslaw, brownies, and beanballs (y'know, the kind with grape jelly and chili sauce). Yummo! We hung out with our friends, played ladderball and bocce...fun times, and more perfect weather.

The next day was labor day. Jen and I went out for coffee and oatmeal. Josh and I had planned to go to Nebraska City and pick apples with Jen, but all the honeycrisps were already gone, so we stayed home. Which is just as well, because this is when I started getting sick. Oh, and Jen's mom bought us secret honeycrisps after all. Josh and I helped clean out my brother's house a little, but mostly I just felt increasingly sick. We went out to dinner at Lazlo's, where I spread my pathogens all over.

I followed that up with the worst ever night of sleep, a busy day at work filled with zicam and feigning wellness, and then a fever. Awesome. Today I stayed home. This sucks because (a) I love my job, (b) I have a lot I need to do, (c) I have a deep paranoia about being fired, and (d) I was supposed to be going on an overnight trip for work that I was really really looking forward to. I was going to answer questions about my new regulations! Argh! Of all the luck. Instead, I'm balancing between sleep and wakefulness and guzzling cough syrup. I must be well by tomorrow. I have another important meeting. What can I do to make myself well? More grape drink and zicam? Check. Dozing? Check. Veronica Mars? Check.

Tonight is also the fantasy football draft got my league. I was planning on being out to town, but maybe I'll go so that Josh doesn't have to draft for me. He's sick, too, now. Fehhh.

Okay, sleep.

August 24th, 2010


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Last weekend was my birthday. I should be in bed now, but I wanted to recaps the higlights:
-Friday, my workmates took me out to lunch at my favourite thai place.
-Saturday (my birthday) I cleaned, worked out, and talked to my friend Sean.
-Then my mom took me to the farmer's market and bought me two cute necklaces, a ring, and some fruit. Then we went to the mall and she bought me some cute work clothes and jeans, too.
-After that was the last derby bout of the season. I benched coached the first bout and then sat with my friends Jen, Jeremy, and Kris for the second bout.
-Then we came home for my "party:" Jen, Jeremy and Kris came over, also Sarah, Lanette Rob & Aaron, Marianne and Dave, Karen, Marlo and her friend Jeff, and my new friend Jolene. I had a lot to drink (thanks for the pomegranate martini mix, Sarah!), but not as much as poor Jolene! She was falling all over and I had to get her phone from her to text a friend (maybe her ex?) to pick her up. Once the friend arrived, Jeff and I carried her to the car --- but Jeff lost his shoe and the friend picked it up and took it with him, thinking it was Jolene's! We had to have Jolene bring it back the next day when she came to get her car. Poor girl!
-Sunday, we (Josh, Jen and I) had planned to go to the zoo in Omaha, but we were all tired because we only got about 3 hours of sleep (and maybe I had a couple too many drinks), so we went to the Lincoln zoo instead, which was really nice. I held a cockroach and a butterfly. I petted mealworms and a bunny and a hedgehog. We saw the prettiest ever panther chameleon and some awesome Prevost's squirrels. The red pandas were in fine form, as was the dumeril's monitor. And we watched the otter feeding and I learned that otters (1) store fat in their tails and (2) use communal "laterine" areas.
-After the zoo, we went to Panera for lunch and to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was weird... entertaining, but also kind of annoying.
-Then we went to dinner with Mom and Dad at Ruby Tuesday. Yum, salad bar.
-Last night, we went to see Counting Crows in Council Bluffs. They used to be Josh's favourite band. I have never been a big fan, but the show was awesome. The venue was small and they did this cool thing where it was them, the band Augustana, and this rapper "Noter" all playing together in one big group - playing each others songs and just kind of jamming together. It was a very effective way to do the show. The music was really great and I enjoyed it WAY more than I was anticipating. I had a lot of fun.

And now my birthdaystravaganza is officially over. It was fun :) Only 362 days until my next b-day weekend!

August 16th, 2010

Updating like a real person

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It's Monday. So there's that.

But on the other hand, I had a good weekend. Josh and I went to River Riot on Saturday, which is a concert promoted by a local radio station. It had a killer lineup. When we got there, Flobots were just getting into their show, and they were amazing. Then was Spose, who was so hilarious and incredible. On next was Emphatic, a local act. They were good, not really my thing, but they have a certain appeal, and I hope they hit it big. After that was Cage the Elephant, who were better than I was expecting. Following that was Blue October. They're very generous to this area because they've been playing here since way before they got big, but I didn't hear much because I was too busy jockeying for position in the pit. Praise be, Josh and I made it all the way to the front row for the act I was waiting for: Weezer. Weezer put on an incredible show. They played (most) of my faves: say it ain't so, undone, perfect situation, el scorcho. They played all their hits: island in the sun, buddy holly, dope nose, hash pipe, beverly hills... They played a couple things from the last few albums, and they even played an amazing cover of Kids by MGMT/Pokerface by Lady Gaga. They put on a really good stage show, too. Throwing beach balls and toilet paper rolls, there was a trampoline on stage, Rivers kept going out into the crowd or calling people up on stage (like the guy in the chicken suit, of course), and they finished with this amazing drum solo involving everyone in the band.

I'm really glad I fought and weaseled my way to the front - it was a minor miracle. It was so cool seeing the band that close up. Weezer is one of my all-time favourite bands (if not my most favourite), and it's been 8 long years since I've seen them last, so it was so worth it. But for anyone else? No way.

First off, it was a hot and sunny out, so in the pit is was a sweat-fest, and of course you weren't allowed to have bottles of water, because they're too dangerous as projectiles (I did have a small bottle in my bag, though, which prevented my certain death). And, dang it if those kids in the pit aren't so frickin' annoying! Makin' out everywhere, hair flapping in my face, smoking their stupid cloves...and crowd surfing! I have never had so many douche bags land on my head at a show ever. This must be the nail the coffin of my youth, because I feel like such a cranky old lady. But seriously, this pit was especially bad. I've been at the front rail before, but never before have I had bruises on my ribcage and all over my forearms. Brutal, ruthless kids! I am officially too old for this.

On Sunday, we went to the Expendables with Josh's college roommate and the roommate's girlfriend and new roommate. Beforehand, we went to a bar for beer and wings to round out the evening of manliness. The movie itself was enjoyable, but kind of forgettable. After that, we just moped around thinking about how sad it was that it was Sunday night until we went to bed. I'm pleased that Sunday night remorse is slightly less than it was when I was a student. Less like acute remorse and more just like doldrums.

And we're back to how it's Monday. It's shocking how tired I am after work. Really, I am shocked. Tonight was a blur, as usual. Mom brought over our CSA share and her puppy for a visit. He ran around with our grill brush, dust pan, and car wash sponge. My parents adopted a rescue Chesapeake a couple weeks ago. He had been at a breeder in a cage for the first 3 years of his life, but he seems to be adjusting to life with my parents pretty well.

Yep, that's about it. Now I'm off to bed.

August 14th, 2010

So, oddly enough, a little more than 6 months ago, I got my dream job. And then I disappeared from livejournal. ...after 5 years of semi-regular updating. I think it's really strange that I just stopped.

The truth is, it was a big change. But I have had other big changes, right? I got married, graduated from college... I thought moving to Vermont was a big change. Spending the summer alone in DC, my first legal freelance jobs, and then moving back to Nebraska. Taking the bar, that was a lot of pressure. Ugh, and the job search. That was the most miserable I have been in a long, long time. So why would it be that when I land the job, when things are looking up and finally falling into place, I flake out?

I've been agonizing over this question...because it's not just LJ that I've been weird about. I just generally haven't been handling...life. I've been falling apart. It's been happening since I moved back to Lincoln somewhat, but it's gotten especially bad since I got my job. In the last year, I've gained 30 pounds (that I was oh-so-thilled to lose only a year prior -- I'm still down 15 from my original weight, though)...but it's not just that. I have a full-blown eating disorder. I eat food that I don't even like to the point of being sick. Often. I have all these other weird health ailments: debilitating muscle cramps, tendonitis, something with my foot that makes it horrible to even walk and that benched me from roller-derby and even kept me from exercising. And of course, the less I exercise, the more miserable I am, and the less I want to exercise. And then there's whatever is going on in my head. In addition to the eating disorder, I've stopped communicating with my friends (livejournal being one example) and basically given up on making new friends. I get obsessed about stupid, not real things, like books and t.v. shows, and focus on them to the exclusion of my real life. I've been increasingly preoccupied inside my own mind and find it hard to focus - I find it harder and harder to even want to focus. Which sucks at work, because I actually love my job and really want to do well at it. And about a month or so ago, I started having panic attacks. That's awesome.

What. The. Eff. ??!?!?

Like I said, the job is great. I love what I do (everything about it!), I love my boss, I love my coworkers, I love where my office is located, I'm using my incredibly expensive education for exactly its intended purpose...I should be totally blissed out right now! So what the hell is going on? Why am I letting my great life dissolve into shit? Why is it that I just. can't. seem. to. adjust?

I think it's because it was just too big of a change for me to adapt to so quickly. I'll admit it: I'm a sensitive gal, maybe even fragile. I'm pretty neurotic. And I think I'm falling apart because I just couldn't admit how big a deal this all is.

Here's what happened: in one year, not even 4% of my total life, I went from being a child to being a full-blown adult. Sure, I had some little test runs on the way: I moved out of my parent's house, I moved in with my mate, I started paying bills, I got to make most of my own decisions... But for my whole life, I was a pupal human, on my way to being a real person. I was preparing for something. And suddenly, it was here. Real life was here. And I am still learning to cope with that. It's really fricken cool, but it is the biggest, scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

The biggest thing was not being a student anymore. It's all I've ever known how to do. For my entire life, at least the part I remember, I have lived my life in terms of school years. I have had every single summer off. I've been allowed to act irresponsibly with almost no consequence. By definition, I've been a youngster, a novice, and bit of clay to be molded by the learned elders. And all of that was to train and prepare me for something. Then suddenly, I was done. I was coming out of the chrysalis thinking "What the fuck is going on??!? I am SO not ready to be a butterfly." I held it together through the bar, because that was pretty much just like school. And the job search *really* sucked, but while I was jobless, I was still living in that child zone: fewer responsibilities, no set schedule, no concept of what a 401K was, still comfortable mooching off my parents. So even though it was awful, I felt aimless and impotent, it was awful in a way that was kind of familiar.

The shit really hit the fan when I got the dream job. Partly, oddly enough,because I knew it was my dream job. Possibly a forever job. I realized I was done. I was a butterfly and this. was. it. No thinking, "I'll just do this for a while until something better comes along," because I couldn't think of anything better. This was real life and there was no more fantasizing about what I would be when I grew up, because I was this thing; I was grown up. Talk about a mind fuck.

And then there were the practical changes: heels everyday, sitting for 8 hours at a time, getting up early every morning, having to record my hours and meet deadlines - every day and every week. I had no idea 40 hours a week could be so taxing. And every night I was exhausted and couldn't be bothered to do anything that I cared about. No time for friends, no time to do chores, no time for hobbies. I pretty much gave up on roller derby, which I really did love, because it took too much time (or was it my health problems?...even I don't know).

And of course, there's also the mental stress of being a grown up. Immediately after I got the job, Josh and I began the search for a house, which is a really unpleasant, stressful process. We have a great house now, which I love, but just like the job, just because I love it doesn't mean it doesn't stress me out. I'm a crap homeowner. I don't know how to take care of our yard, and I doubt I would take the time to do it even if I did know. I don't know how to fix anything, I can't be bothered to clean...every part of it is expensive and stressful.

Speaking of expensive, on top of that, there's the financial stress. My parents gave us a big chunk of cash for a downpayment on the house and to help us pay our first set of bills until we recovered from my period of being jobless. They gave us this money with the understanding that it would be the last time they would help us this way. My parent make plenty of money, so they still do nice things for us, like pay when we go to dinner and buy us things we need when there's really no occassion, and I know that if there was a disaster and we were in dire straits, they would help us, but the message with their gift was, "Okay, you're grown up now. Stop mooching." So there's this tremendous pressure to stop. Josh and I are, for the first time, totally financially independent. We make enough that we don't have to ask for help paying bills or go running to my folks for a little extra cash when we need an oil change, or whatever. But the conflict arises because we are ready to be living in a manner that we feel is fitting of "real people," but we don't make that much. For the first several months, we spent much more than we made. And there were random major expenses ($400 for orthopedic insoles, $400 for emergency vet bills...). We've finally gotten our spending under control by cutting out cable, my gym membership, derby dues, all random shopping trips, all mindless spending (like going out for coffee), almost all eating out...and spending only cash. It's very hard to feel like "I have arrived" when I'm living paycheck to paycheck and with the knowledge than one more big expense could put us in the red. Eeeg.

Yeah, all this is a big frickin' deal! I was so intent on forcing myself to be happy about all the amazing new changes in my life that I was ignoring the fact that even amazing life changes can be stressful. I'm certainly not saying that I have it all figured out. I am still a hot mess. But I am trying to be a little more introspective and to decide what is really important to me when I decide how I want to spend my limited resources. I missed LJ. I miss the time to reflect on my life, and I miss the connection with you wonderful friend-strangers. I am sorry to have missed the amazing (and probably occasionally terrible) milestones you have all experienced in the last 7 months.

So I am trying to examine my life, find the pieces that feel good and genuine, and do them more. And leave all the other time-and energy-stealers behind. Here are some goals I have for myself now:
-Write more
-Be present. Avoid being sucked into fantasy worlds and daydreams.
-Seek out contact with others -- but only those people that make me a better version of myself and that make me feel confident and happy to be me
-Put myself in the position to make good choices as much as possible. Try to act in a way that makes me form good habits so I don't have to work so hard to make good choices.

It's a tall order, but I am anxious to start feeling like myself again.

And if that was a bit tl;dr for you all, here's the synopsis: growing up is hard and I got myself overwhelmed. But now I think I'm ready to start trying to be just plain whelmed.

August 12th, 2010

I missed livejoural

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Things have been really weird for the last 6 months. Maybe longer. Or maybe things have been normal and I've been weird. I still figuring it out.

But I've missed you, my livejournal friends. For reals.

January 7th, 2010


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I got a job. Finally. I am elated - both excited and relieved. I'll be starting at the Department of Environmental Quality on the 19th, working as an actual attorney. I can stop waiting tables and stinking like maple syrup! I'll get to do what I went to school for! I will be challenged, I'll get benefits, business cards, I'll get to wear heels and suits...*squee!*

I hadn't said anything (to anyone) since I found out I was interviewing, because I didn't want to get my hopes up and have to explain why I didn't get it if it turned out that way. But it didn't. I got it and I am soooo psyched.

Okay, that's all for now. Woo hoo!

December 7th, 2009

Finally festive

It snowed here yesterday, so I'm finally feeling like it's December. I think everything still feels so weird to me because this is the first fall/winter I remember where I wasn't in school. It's just not the holidays without finals to dread.

There's also been some additional hoiday fun-ness. On Saturday we went to the Star City Holiday Parade...it was the first time I had been since I was in it in high school, and the first time I had been a spectator since I was maybe 11. We went with our friends Marianne and Dave and a bunch of their friends from the English Grad program. They're all new to Lincoln and wanted to do something festive and local. I'm glad we went! After that, they were showing "A Christmas Story" for free at the Grand. Josh and I had never seen it and it's one of Marianne's all-time faves, so we all went to that. Of course, it was geared to post-parade families, so the theatre was packed with tired, cold, cranky kids (some of which OBVIOUSLY should have just been taken home and had their diapers changed...poor babies!)...but if you sort of expect that kids will be jumping around the whole time, it's not nearly as annoying as it would be normally. Plus, it was a free movie - not gonna complain! The movie was really weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also went over to Marianne and Dave's last night for more holiday fun. We were way late because of the snow (and because I forgot the pie when we first left - d'oh!), but when we got there, their place was all decorated with a full-sized real tree and stockings and warm curry tofu scramble on the (actually dining) table. *Sigh* I wish we could get a house. But for now, I'll just be happy having friends with a nice house. Anyway, Marianne made us dinner, Josh and I brought over wine and a gingerbread house kit and (the movie) Gremlins. We all put ourselves into a sugar coma with gingerbread and icing "toothpaste" and watched the movie (Dave's holiday favourite). It was fun.

And for the first time yesterday, I voluntarily started listening to Christmas music. I think it was the snow. As I was leaving derby practice (more on that), they were cranking "sleigh ride" (which is my secular favourite) and I started doing my little head bob and thought - "yup, time for Christmas music!" We listened to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and the Rat Pack Christmas at Marianne and Dave's. :)

So yeah, Derby. I'm trying out for roller derby. I am really, really pscyhed because I have always wanted to do derby. As Marianne put it, if I can't have my dream job, I might as well have my dream hobby. I won't know if I'm on the team until next month, but I have been enjoying the practices immensely!

And the job search.... Yeah, nothin'. There's nothing to apply for and the things I do apply for never work out. Finally, I got a huge wake-up call in the form of a notification from US Bank, and I realized I can't just wait around for a job. I am just digging myself deeper and deeper into debt. So after a minor crisis, Josh and I are making a few changes: we cancelled all our non-"essential" bills (e.g. cable but not internet), we told everyone we are having a no-gift Christmas, I got back my old (OLD) job waiting tables at Village Inn, and we are moving back into the old house on South 18th - the ground floor with only one bedroom, in fact. That last one was a big deal for us. It's really too small, but how do you say no to cutting your rent in half? Actually, more than half off! So we're moving sometime between Christmas and New Year's. Not great timing, but what can you do? When you're broke, you're broke! And, honestly, even though I'm not exactly thrilled to be slingin' pie again, it feels better to be doing *something.* Part of the reason I had been so horribly depressed was just that I felt so useless. At least now I'm helping to pay the bills AND keeping busier. Who knows, maybe I'll get a customer some day that's a big time lawyer looking for a new associate. Hey, it's a long shot, but it could happen ;)

Well, I ought to get a move on...I have an independent contractor project due on the 18th (which I haven't done much on), I'm trying to help some friends put together some legal documents, we're moving soon, and there's a charity skate and derby practice tonight from 6-10:30. Well, I'd rather be busy than the alternative!

Happy holidays! :)

November 6th, 2009

'Tis the season...

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...to be a big, green-smoothie-makin' weirdo!

No -- well, yes actually, it's true.  I think I've gotten a handle on making green smoothies, once I figured out to look for the packet (which turned out to be not silica gel, but coupons...helpful).  In fact, I'm so confident in my smoothie abilities, that I have started to make really weird ones.  Today I made a "holiday" smoothie, like this:

-2 small jonathan apples, sliced and cored, but with the skin on
-1/2 c. pureed pumpkin
-1/2 c. soy yogurt
-3 c. raw baby spinach
-enough ocean spray no-calorie cranberry pomegranate drink to make it blendable
-splenda, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice to taste

I know, I know, it sounds sooo gross...but once blended, all you can taste is the apple and spice.  In fact, the only thing I would change is to add less splenda, because it's a little sweet.  I'd never made a smoothie with apples before, and they are much sweeter than I was anticipating.  The end result is tasty but not so beautiful.  It's sage green with little red flecks of apple skin.  Still keeping with the holiday theme at least.  It's probably not my favourite concoctions, but it's good.  In fact, out of all the weird smoothies I've made, the only one that was gross was the one with the packet in it!!  Probably my favourite, though, is canned pears, frozen strawberries, almond breeze brand almond milk and spinach.  It is creamy and wonderful.

Okay, so enough of that weirdness!

In other news, it's November and it's starting to get dark at roughly noon, but to make up for that, Nebraska decided to be 70 degrees and sunny.  Hurrah!  I'm psyched because Josh and I are going to the Husker (football) game tomorrow and it's a night game.  Normally a November night game would be a recipe for Lydia misery, but I'm actually very much looking forward to it.  Josh, however, was actually COMPLAINING that it would be TOO warm and it ruined his plans to wear his husker hoodie.  DARN, don't mind me while I shed an invisible tear.

Another thing is that last night we went to this awesome Nature Conservancy presentation at the Center for Great Plains Studies.  It was for the release of Michael Forsberg's (http://www.michaelforsberg.com/) newest book.  He was there to talk, as were Ted Kooser, Nebraskan and former US poet laureate, and David Wishart (who is possibly THE great plains historian).  The program was AMAZING.  The behind the scenes stories were really funny and the conservation part of the discussion was so inspiring --I got all misty eyed more than once.  It was just what I needed to hear.  I've been so miserable not being able to find a job.  My school keeps sending postings of great jobs that I am super qualified for in other parts of the country, and I had just resolved to give up looking here and start applying for those...since I have a less than nil chance of finding a good job here now that the governor and state senate have decided to fill the 300 million dollar budget gap by firing people from agencies and firing lawyers.  I was feeling so frustrated and downtrodden that I was going to give up and apply for a clerkship in the Virgin Islands, but then I went to see Michael talk and he said something about the beauty of the plains and how it isn't so obvious like the mountains or the beach and how it takes more than 5 minutes at a roadside pull off to appreciate and love it...and I decided I was being an idiot.  I've long said that if I won't stay and protect this land, no one will.  So I guess I'm stuck in job limbo a while longer.  I'll find something...I just hope it's sooner rather than later.  Anyway, point is that Micheal Forsberg is amazing and you should check out his photographs.

..and finally, plans for today:  I need to work on some contract work and drop off some resumes, but I am really hoping to get outside for maybe a bike ride.  Then tonight is happy hour with the meetup, 1st fridays with other meetup buddies, and then crappy bar crawl with Marianne and Dave ending with Kareoke at the Beacon and Hi Way Diner after.  Man, it's gonna be awesome :)

November 5th, 2009


your face
Do internet interactions get you hyped up?  Oh, they do to me.  I try to not get too involved in discussions on the internet, because, hey, why bother wasting the energy?  But sometimes I get sucked in.  I used to be really involved in this online health community, but maybe 8 or 9 months ago, a whole group of people berated me for being vegan and urging others to be vegan, too, and the result is that I don't use that site anymore.  And even on LJ, some poor girl in a vegan community said something about wanting to lose weight and she got run out of there on a rail (I was mostly a spectator to that one).  So, it must be vegan+internet=drama.

Today I got into an internet discussion with some very vegan-y vegans about abolishionism versus welfarism.  To normal folks, that means someone who thinks that the only way to improve animals lives is for everyone to go vegan and release all animals from any kind of captivity, etc., etc., versus someone who thinks laws should be instituted to make animal slaughter and testing and such more "humane."  Let me be honest here and say that I am a HUGE hippy.  If I had my way, we would all go back to being hunters and gatherers and fight for survival, Darwin-style.  That said, I am not an abolishionist because I think that it's so ridiculously unrealistic to the point of being silly, but I'm not a welfarist either because welfarism does little to actually prevent animal suffering and even less to address the source of the problem, which is that humans think of animal life as lesser in value and use that as an excuse for terrible acts against animals.

Aaaanyway, a very vegan-y guy I know posted something on facebook about "why fight for better slaughterhouses?  That's like fighting for better segregated bathrooms..."  There was a whole inter-vegan war on the comments about why welfarism is so bad, and how welfarists are sell-outs and how it is worse than nothing to compromise your morals by promoting "humane slaughter."  Eventually, I did chime in, saying something about how something is always better than nothing, about how all this in-fighting is pathetic and to look at the bigger picture, and about how I'm more than willing to compromise my morals if it means people will listen to me and take me seriously when I suggest smaller changes.  However, the substance of my comment and the subsequent flame war is not really the issue.  What is the issue are the observations that I made about internet discussions.  And here they are:

-No argument was ever won through derision or sarcasm...or, god forbid, caps lock
-It isn't nearly as helpful the say "you just don't get it" as one might think
-when people incorporate things such as "Ha!" and "*sigh*", that is the sign that communication has totally broken down.

So, what can we learn from this?  Well, I've busted out my good ol' John Morely quote: "Even good opinions are worth very little unless we hold them in the broad, intelligent, and spacious way."   I've decided that I'm proud of my ability to listen and compromise because, not only are these the hallmarks of reason, but they're the only thing separating me from Bill O'Reilly.  I think in real discussions, as well as on the internet, it's really invaluable to try and truly understand what the other person is saying and try to express what you think they mean to the best of your understanding before you try to make them understand your perspective. 

So yeah...should I go forth and try to make the internet a more civil place.  Nah, I'm going to go to bed and try to forget it ever happened.

November 2nd, 2009


your face
Wow.  I'm still recovering from Halloween.  I guess one of the "benefits" of being unemployed is that you get to do that.  It's really not so much fun as you might think, though.

I posted a bunch of photos on flikr of the goings-on, and if you want to check them out, here's a link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lydiafiedler/

I have a lot of contract work to do (which I should be doing instead of "recovering") but still no job.  *Sigh*
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